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Active Campaign to Asana info based on drop down menu

  • 22 February 2022
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Hi Guys, hope you can help.


Based on an Active Campaign automation I’m segmenting leads in to 5 groups, which all have a different priority based on unique webpage visits (size of the lead). 

These leads are given custom field inputs based on their website. I.E. the biggest ones are whales. See the screenshot below.


I’ve managed to set up the integration with Asana already, I can create a task based on input from active campaign, but I can’t get this Size field within the task as an individual field.


How the ideal situation looks like:

  1. New account is added in Active Campaign
  2. Based on input he be sorted on size. 
  3. He will be shot in to Asana as a task.
  4. Based on the size he has in Active campaign the task is prioritized in Asana. 


What I’ve already tried, is to create a field Size with the whale as a drop down option. But when I’m using my Zapier like this, the Size field stays empty.



Hope you guys can help me!


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4 replies

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Hi @TJ D 

A dropdown value’s api value may not align perfectly with the friendly value. Please look at the grey text in the dropdown options for Size. If the grey option is different than what is in black you may need a lookup table to translate the values

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Hi @GetUWired


Thanks for the tip. I’ve immediately tried it. As you can see below I’ve created this lookup table. It also gives me back the right credentials for a Whale, namely a 1.




However, if a run a test to see how the task is created in Asana, I get empty fields. 


It’s regarding the last 3 columns, they should be pre-filled by Active Campaign with an e-mail adres, total visitors and their size.

The look up gives me back the right value, but Asana doens’t give me a value.

Below you can see how I set up the conversion to Asana. 

Can you help me at what I’m doing wrong?

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@TJ D 

Please send a screenshot of your dropdown values for the Size field in the Asana step. 
In attempting to recreate the issue, my greyed values are not 1,2,3,4,5 but in fact very unique numeric ids. 


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Thanks! I misunderstood which unique number id I had to use, but it works now!