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  • 17 November 2020
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We are connecting Active Campaign to Smartsheet to automate the collection of our CRM data.  We used Add a New Row To Sheet in Smartsheet.  Each row contains the information on a single contact.  As our sales people add answers to each question Zapier records each individual response at the cell, not the row level.  As a result, for 1 contact it's creating 30 rows (Number of personal data q's being asked).  Is there another, better way to collect this information?  Can we schedule Zaps between Active Campaign and Smartsheet?  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thank you.


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7 replies

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Yes, both of those apps integrate well with Zapier.


I am confused about where the information is coming from… Just so I understand a bit more, you are adding contact information to Smartsheets and want to create a contact in ActiveCampaign? Or is it the reverse, and your sales people are editing/creating contact records in ActiveCampaign and would like the information populated on a Smartsheet? 

If you can share screenshots of your set up that is also helpful. 

Thanks for responding.  Yes we are trying to port information from AC to SS.  

I can’t show much more of the Zap editor as the row contains a contacts personal info.  




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It is set up looks something similar to the above? Which results in a row being added like so



That’s where we are trying to get to.  The Zap is pulling the information we need.  The issue is it’s creating a row for every cell that has data added.

Each prospect has roughly 30 data cells with their info in them.  As each cell is filled out Zapier adds another row so instead of having 1 row with 30 cells of populated data, you have 30 rows and it’s the 30th row that has every answer the others contain 1-29!  My sense is Zapier is polling too frequently? We’d ideally like to run this once a day but there doesn’t seem to be an option to schedule between AC and SS.

Thanks so much for helping out with this.


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Ahhh, I think I understand. It sounds like because Zapier is triggering on New or Updated that it is triggering each time a sales person fills out any deal field. So, since you have 30 deal fields it might be triggering 30 times. 


I would recommend setting up a filter so that Zapier only lets the data through when the 30th field is populated (or even all/most fields are populated). I just put in a random field from my test data but this sounds like it would help!


Awesome.  Maybe not currently, but we could make it so, to have this work correctly.

Final Q: what version of Zapier are you on.  We’re trialing so they say we are getting professional.  But I’ve never seen the condition ‘only continue if’.  I wonder if the issue is we’re not getting all the options as yet?  Of course, if they had human salespeople I could ask them directly if we are limited to certain conditions while using a trial version!

Again, thanks so much we will give this a shot.


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ahh, sorry about that, you’ll need to add a step in between AC and SS called “Filter by Zapier”