Active Campaign / Goog Calendar synch

  • 7 January 2021
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I’m experienced  Zapier user, but can’t figure out why “Contact Task Added” trigger from Active Campaign wont send the actuall Task message to Goog Calendar.  It does the first time, when I build the zap & run it thru, Test, Continue, etc….but next time zap runs...only the Title of the Task populates into Calendar, not the message.  Realyt frustrated.  

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4 replies

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Check your Zap Task History to see the data returned from the AC Trigger step:

May be helpful to provide screenshots of how your Zap step is configured.

Makes no sense, as when I map the Note/Message field into the zap & run it thru, Test, Continue, the Note/Message shows where it should.
BUT after, when I run a test...the zap shows Green & runs fine...but the Note/Msg shows up in the Title.


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I think the first step is to see if the field that you’ve mapped in your Zap is coming through with data in it when the Zap runs. You can check your task history then look at the Data Out tab. If you see something like this then the information you’re expecting is not coming through properly:

You’ll want to make 100% sure that you’re seeing the exact same task in your sample data WITH the task note information coming through and that when the Zap runs, it’s not there.

So for the example above, if I found the exact same contact task in my sample data, if the task note was empty there as well then things are working as expected (data missing in test + live). If it’s in the sample, but not in task history then your best bet is to reach out to our Support team so they can dig into that for you!

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Just checking in to see if you still need help with this?