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Access to older trigger data (from Ecwid in this case) for development?

  • 7 October 2022
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I’m using Zapier for automating a variety of transaction types from the Ecwid Ecommerce service.  For each transaction type, I create a ZAP to handle the specific data passed in that type.

It is common that I find edge cases in a given transaction type that I need to modify the Zap to handle. Often these cases are trivial to fix and don’t need the original edge case data.  But sometimes these involve significant enough changes to what gets passed that it requires me to actually have that data in the zap editor to create the steps needed.

The problem is, I don’t know how to get access to older transactions from Ecwid so I can use that data (that has the edge case) when developing these modifications.

The Ecwid app seems only able to fetch the last 4 records in its trigger, so if my edge case is farther back than that, I can’t find any way to load it during zap development.

You might say I should just recreate these transactions in Ecwid and grab the data immediately.  But these are actual paid orders and I can’t just submit them without triggering an actual payment (Ecwid stupidly doesn’t have a workable test mode).

Can anyone suggest how I can get access to this older data when modifying the Zap?






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Hi @CNVC , 


Unfortunately you cannot do that :( Unless you trigger an actual case or maybe do it IMMEDITLEY after said case has happened in your Trigger so you can pull it, then you probably cannot. 


How about this though, maybe you can use manual data like shown in this tutorial?