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Access permalink from Slack using a “Push to Zapier" trigger

  • 21 October 2021
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I want to use the trigger “Push to Zapier” in Slack, and get the permalink of this message. The permalink is available with other triggers but not this one. Could you help with that?


Thank you!


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8 replies

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Hi @AxelP ,


What Zap are you trying to build? Can you share some information on that?

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Hi @jayeshkumarbhatia,


I want to use Slack to collect internal feedback and ideas on our software. And then, push each feedback in my Airtable table which contains all product feedbacks.

When doing so, I want to fill a title manually (field “title” in Airtable), have the core Slack message as details (field “details” in Airtable) and have the link to the message (field “link” in Airtable). The link will enable me to come back to the Slack message if I need more information like docs or thread messages that will only be in Slack. It will also enable me to communicate to the person that wrote the feedback in the first place.


Thank you

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Thanks for the explanation @AxelP , You should use below action and you will get permalink.



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@jayeshkumarbhatia so I should use :

  1. Trigger : New pushed message in Slack
  2. Action : Fin message in Slack
  3. Action : Create record in Airtable


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That’s Correct @AxelP 

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It works great, thank you @jayeshkumarbhatia !

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Just popping in to note that there’s an existing feature request to have permalinks returned from the New Pushed Message trigger. So I’ve added @AxelP’s vote for this. We don’t have an ETA on when it will be added but will be in touch by email as soon as it is. 

As an alternative to using the Find Message Slack action which would use an additional task, it looks like the message_permalink field is returned when the Zap runs live so it should be possible to manually select it. The following article describes how to do this:

Hope that helps! :)

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Hey friends - I wanted to swing by and mention this feature request is live! 🎉

Sample data for the “New Pushed Message” trigger now includes the message_permalink, ts_time, and raw_text fields. 

Thanks for your patience on this and happy zapping! ⚡️