Ability to print a zap flow

  • 21 October 2020
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I can’t find any feature that allows me to print out the high-level view of a zap, with sufficient detail to understand what’s happening. There is a “detail view” that looks like this:

but that’s clearly not helpful. Even just a list of titles and integration would be helpful. In the above scenario I have conditional flows so I would also need to see a flow diagram.

Without this ability, I expect that my zaps will continue to proliferate without any clear idea of their quality or capabilities. I’ll need to document everything by hand, outside of zapier. Is this something that zapier intends to support? If not, who would like to see it implemented?

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2 replies

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Hi @sarabura 

There isn’t anything like this possible right now - but I can definitely see how it would be useful!

I’ll flag this so someone from the team can add a feature request.

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Hi @sarabura!

The closest thing we’d have currently (and it’s not terrible) is to use the outline of the Zap, from within the editor. You could take a screenshot of that to get an overview of what the Zap consists of:

You can rename the Zap steps in order to make it more clear what each one does, too. A super hacky way to add a “note” would be to create a step at the end of your Zap and rename it with a longer description of the Zap itself:


After you take the screenshot, you would delete that step, of course. You could also use any number of screenshot tools that lets you add text (like our very own Zappy).

Outside of that, it will require a feature request so I’ll submit that and add your vote for it :)