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A Zap between Outlook and Google Calendar but only after a certain time

  • 4 April 2021
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Hi everyone, 

I’m wondering if this is possible: 

When there’s an Outlook event created with a start time of 17:00 and after, it gets copied to my Google calendar. 

Some context might help: 

I work a 9-5 job where I occasionally have events/meetings after 5pm. However, I run a side business that starts at 5pm. So if I get booked in to a work event that starts at 5pm or later, I want that to reflect in my side business calendar (i.e. Google Cal) so that it gets blocked off from my side business clients. 

I don’t need ALL my work events showing up in my side business calendar because...well, I just don’t need it! I just need the after-5pm-events showing up. 

Thanks in advance. 



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Hi @countingfoxes 

Yes, this is possible.

Try adding these steps to your Zap:

  1. Formatter > Date/Time > Format:
    1. Make sure to account for time zones, as I believe Outlooks sends the Event Start Time data point in UTC time zone
    2. Set the To Format to be a ‘Custom’ option of HH, which will return just the Hour of the Event Start Time in 24-hour time format
  2. Filter:
    1. Set the filter condition to be Greater Than 16, which would be 17 and thus 5pm


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Wow, thank you so much for this!