New: Zapier Admin Essentials course

New: Zapier Admin Essentials course
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Looking to boost your Admin Role skills? Our User Education team just launched the "Zapier Admin Essentials — Company Plan" learning series. Uncover the secrets of effectively administering your Zapier company account, from foolproof account setup to top-notch security measures and user management. Join us and empower your organization to maximize Zapier's potential! 

A look inside the course. 

By the end of this course you'll be able to:

  • Select the security features that are right for your company
  • Identify next steps for implementation
  • Articulate how Zap and app sharing works in Zapier
  • Create teams
  • Create folders
  • Share Zaps
  • Share app connections
  • Know how to add and remove users from your account 
  • Understand Zap activity, such as Zap runs and task usage
  • Understand Zap health, including Zap errors and notifications
  • Understand user activity, like users turning on and off Zaps
  • Know how to connect and navigate your way to the right support option

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