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  • 11 February 2021
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I am making a integration for Magento2 to Dropbox. 
On some orders a file upload is required. (To upload artwork for posters/rollups/signs etc.)

So using Zapier I create a folder in our dropbox named the ordernumber, so the uploaded material can easily be found by our print-manager.
However - I would like to create a dropbox-filerequest for the newly created folder. I can not do this using Zapier integration. I see that it has been on user wish list for some time now.
Is the integration in the works, or has it perhaps been dropped?

Thank you for a otherwise great product. 


9 replies

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@Tommy Østlund - I’ll flag this post so Zapier can add your vote to this feature request.

They don’t give ETAs on these sorts of things, but the more people that ask, the more likely it gets actioned.

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Thanks for tagging us in, @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu !

 @Tommy Østlund - I have added your vote to this feature request and you will be notified when/if there are any updates.

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Thank you. sounds good, fingers crossed. 

Does anyone know another app that does allow sending out file requests to clients and a way to save them, G drive, or anything like that?

Thanks for tagging us in, @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu !

 @Tommy Østlund - I have added your vote to this feature request and you will be notified when/if there are any updates.


@Liz_Roberts I’d love to add my vote for this feature. I appreciate your help!

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Yes, i have been asking for this for forever. REally need it. 

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@ect123 You’ve been added to this request!

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it looks fairly simple. this was posted by a dropbox admin not too long ago. there is an api for file requests: 

I can't offer help with Zapier, but Dropbox itself does offer an API you can use for getting, creating, and updating file requests programmatically:

That's a link to the documentation for the HTTPS endpoints themselves, but we recommend using one of the official SDKs if possible:

Those have corresponding native methods for the HTTPS endpoints. 

Note that the Dropbox API doesn't offer the ability to send the file request(s) to other users via Dropbox, like you can trigger from the Dropbox web site. You'd need to send the file request link via your own communications channel(s).

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Hey @ect123!

Thanks for sharing that info with the Zapier Community :)