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Filter list of emailadresses to send mail to

  • 18 October 2022
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Recently started using Zapier for automating our workflows; already love all the possibilities it gives and the time it saves us 🙂 Using it has been really straightforward, however now I'm encountering a small hiccup I can't seem to fix on my own. 


What I try to do: 

After an event ends in Google Calendar, I want to send an email only to certain attendees of the Google Calendar event. So, I want to filter who to send emails to (e.g. only people whose mail adres ends with That way our external trainers, who are also invited to the Calendar event, will not be bothered with our mails). I already tried the filter function and the Formatter tool, but can't seem to get the right result. 


Hope you guys can help me out! 


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Hi @Raymond - The Talent institute 


Are you trying to send a separate email or put everybody in the same email? 

If you are trying to send a separate email that is easy. You will bed to do the following:

  1. Use Formatter by Zapier to Create Line items from Text
  2. Use Looping By Zapier to convert those line items into separate values (so you can send them different emails)
  3. Add filter step so only emails with this value will move forward 
  4. Add the email step, use the email address from the Loop step

Hope this helps :)

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Thank you @MohSwellam! Sending a separate mail works for me. I'll send all participants the same mail, but they don't need to be in one and the same mail. However, it's not entirely working for me yet, but I'm very close now! Probably made a small error somewhere.. 


I attached the outputs from all my different steps below. 


  1. I added the formatter tool. I used it to split the output string from Google Calendar into separate values. 
  2. In the second step I added the looper. The values to loop is the output from the formatter tool and I named it '’TTI Mails'’. Output from this step is shown below. 
  3. In the third step I added a filter that only lets through if '’TTI Mails'’ contains '’thetalentinstitute'’ in the email address. I'm guessing this step is equal to the amount of iterations that the looper makes, so it filters every single string the looper gives. 
  4. In the fourth step I used the output from the looper '’TTI Mails'’ as input for the emailaddress to send to. 


However, the problem I'm having is that only the first mailaddress in the list receives an email. 🤔 What am I doing wrong still? 


Step number one: The formatter tool gives me seperate strings as output
Step number two: Output of the Looper tool. It succesfully loops through the email adressess

Step number three: Input for the filter tool. It should only let through emails that have '’thetalentinstitute'’ in it. 
Step number four: input for Gmail


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Never mind my last comment. Automation works perfectly now! Thank you for your help @MohSwellam 🙂