The actual apps you need for parenting

  • 7 June 2022
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The actual apps you need for parenting
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Deb here, from the Zapier blog. Happy belated Mother's Day and upcoming Father's Day to all the parents out there. I have two human children myself, but I spent Mother's Day with my favorite child, Winston.

There's no easy way to be a parent, and being a working parent comes with its own set of complications. No two families will tackle it the same way, but we love when our blog writers offer their own personal strategies. We've written about what working parents need at work, how to automate some parenting duties, and adding your baby as a client on your time-tracking app. Most recently, we published a list of apps that can help you wrangle your work, your life, and your family.

The actual apps that every new parent needs

Automate those apps for parenting stuff the same way you'd automate them for work. Tell Alexa or Google Assistant to start a Zap, and you can even add things to your to-do list or calendar while you're holding a sleeping baby or making dinner.

What apps or automations help you as a working parent? Let me know in the comments, and we might feature you on the blog!

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