Automation to help your family go back to school

  • 12 August 2020
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Automation to help your family go back to school
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Hey, all!

Like many working parents, I'm preparing for a school year that includes an awful lot of remote learning. Last year, I used Zapier to help us stay on top of school work with as little nagging as possible, so that it was easier for me, my husband, and our children to know what was done and what needed to happen next. 

I put together this article in March collecting Zaps that I and other parents at Zapier used to help keep their family schedules moving a bit more smoothly. 

3 ways to automate parenting duties without screen time

My most-used parenting Zap isn't in the article, though: I developed a routine of going through my children's Google Classroom accounts a few times a week (usually very early, before anyone else was awake) and copying assignments into a Google Sheet that had separate tabs for each child. Everything I put in the sheet was automatically routed to Todoist with due dates, so when they sat down for learning time, there was an easy-to-use list of what needed to be accomplished.

If that seems helpful to you, this is the Zap template I used to get that started.

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