Whitelisting Amazon Us-eat-1 ip addressess.

  • 21 December 2020
  • 3 replies

We are trying to whitelist zapier into our quickbase app. Is there an easier or faster way to whitelist every IP in AWS Service:”Amazon” Region:”Us-east-1” instead of adding them 1 by 1. For example in the list you provided I see there is about 346 Amazon Us-east-1 IPs. Is there any way to bundle these together in order to whitelist them faster or is there a range we can specify? 

3 replies

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Hey! Where are you getting the list from?

Zapier is providing the list. They have it public which is here This link will provide you all there ip blocks

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Hey @Juangetty ! Have you found a way yet? The way this data is supplied, in JSON form should allow us to automate this either visually or programatically. Can you confirm how you are entering them in into QuickBase? Do they have an API for this kind of thing? 

Either way - If you just want a nice way to group the data - I made this for you - I hope it helps: