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Make `,1` work in line itemizer?

  • 18 April 2024
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Currently building a private integration where data extraction is performed





Problem is from step 3 to step 4, I tried to line-itemize a `,1` line item output from 3, with config as below

Note this `,1` means empty `` for product A, `1` for product B

Pay attention to `Quantity` value - `,1`


When testing, it converted into `productA: 1; productB: none` instead


Here’s the bug - if I manually input `,1`, it works as expected


Does anyone know how do I fix this? Should I avoid using Zapier line-itemizer and create my own with string manipulation?


Thanks a lot!



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Hi @hungry-pikachu,

Mapping “,1” from step 3 just as you have done renders the value in the Line Itemizer as [“,1”, “ “] which assigns the value “,1” to product A and a blank value to product B.

The format you want is [“ “, “1”] and that would only be achieved in the Line Itemizer by manually typing `,1` in the Line Itemizer (not mapping it from a previous step).

I would suggest that you do either of the following:

  • Return just “1” from the “Find Async Extraction Result” action and manually specify the location in the Line Itemizer

  • Directly return the line item from the “Find Async Extraction Result” action (you may have to manipulate the action’s code to return this). This article should help: Return your data as line item

I hope that helps.