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Zapier Rest Hooks same targetURL for every trigger based on the account connected ?

  • 5 April 2021
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Hey, I’m using the CLI to create my triggers, the problem is, I want to use the Rest Hooks, but my product dont allow me to store more than 1 webhook URL for the same application/user, which means that I want only one webhook URL from Zapier (for each trigger I want the client to use), and then I can select what events I want to dispatch to that URL. (my side)

So is there a way that based on the account conected (for example) instead of Zapier generating unique URLs (performSubscribe → bundle.targetURL) for each trigger, it will always use the same URL ?




Best answer by Troy Tessalone 5 April 2021, 22:46

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Hi @GustavoHC 

Not sure if this will help from the CLI side, but gives you some context about how to handle from a Zap creation side by the end user.


Check out this help article:


Check out this related topic:


@Troy Tessalone Oh Thank’s Troy!

I think this is exactly what I need.

This way I can handle multiple triggers by using a single URL (which is the limitation I have in my product).