Zapier query about Date Filtering.

So, events are being uploaded using Webhooks and Zapier to my Google Spreadsheet. Then the Spreadsheet is being accessed and required data is taken out from it and being inserted dynamically into the MailChimp Template.
And this is how an email campaign is being set up. This will be a weekly email campaign. But I need to put on another filter. This filter will be date related. The event has a start date. The event should only be chosen if it's start date is in that exact week. For example, the email is sent on Monday (3/07/2023), then the event with the start date between Monday (3/07/2023) to next Monday (10/07/20). Those specific events which are in that date range should be selected and put into the email template.
By the way, I am done with the whole process, only the part about date filtering remains. Can I do that in Zapier? If yes, please explain that to me. Thanks to everyone in advance.

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Hi @amr14 

Good question.

There 2 Zap actions for GSheets can return multiple results.

You may need to adjust your GSheet to have another column to use a formula function to specify the week a date falls into for easier querying in the Zap action.


Thanks a lot for your response.

I have changed the Spreadsheet according to that.  For example, I have made two new columns. One column has the date on which the email will be sent. And another column will be the date of one week from the email sent date. So between this date range (which is a week), my event start date should lie in order to choose that event. So, can you help me in that filtering using Zapier. Thanks in advance.


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Have you tried configuring the GSheet step and testing?

Please post detailed screenshots with how your GSheet step is configured to give us more context.