Zapier integration - select data from a previous response


I want to send data from one tool to another one with zapier integration. In my API I have a method which requires a few parameters one of them is LASTID and my question is: can a zapier select data from a previous response and pass it to the input of the next request, in an automatic mode?

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Hi @filipoinzagi,

One way of doing this would be to create an operational database using airtable or gsheets, where you would send the data from the trigger to the database and then could later pull that data from that row in a later step or zap using a unique id from the trigger.

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@filipoinzagi, you could also try the similar approach that @XRayTech suggest with Zapier Storage instead of Airtable

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Hey @filipoinzagi!

I’m not 100% sure if this will address your issue but we recently released a beta of what we call “sub-Zaps”. It enables you to create Zaps that will perform actions, then send data from a “parent” Zap, process the information, and then send it back. Might be worth checking out :)