Zap not triggering for new webhooks sent

  • 21 March 2022
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h team

I have created a ZAP which should run a triggert by a webhook. 

after subscription i got the hook url

as i run the following code (same from postman) i can see the hook in the monitor but nothing actually happned in the zap (emai/goolge sheet) 

am i missing something?


await fetch("", 
    { method: "POST", 
      body: '[{"id":20829875,"name":"M","firstname":"m","lastname":"w","company":"S","phone":"","title":"d","location":"usa","email":"xxx"}]',
      headers: { "Content-Type": "application/json", Accept: "application/json", } }); 



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4 replies

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Hi @dane78 

Can you check your Zap history and see if Zapier is able to receive the data? Make sure you have your Zap turned on.

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nothing appears on my zap history!

i get event in the monitor but no clue on how to debug and what is going wrong.

as far as i can see by documentation everything is ok




I am also facing the same issue.

Due to invalid data response from API, trigger still shows success message when hook run, but ignore it and don’t run.