Yet Another Bearer Token Question for Webhooks

  • 27 September 2023
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Okay, I get it.  Zapier doesn’t want to give us a defacto API Request app.  Fine.  So we’re using a webhook of which only basic auth is available as an option.  Sure.  No Bearer Tokens there got it.  We can just hard code the bearer token into the header.  Sure.  ...except it’s not working because Zapier pops a 500 server error if I don’t put quotes around bearer and the token.  Except that when I DO put the quotes in, the API I’m connecting to doesn’t expect them and throws a 401 error.  I can cURL this whole thing just fine.  But what am I to do about the literals?

Zapier only works with this:
Authorization: “Bearer [Token]”

API doesn’t auth

My API Needs this:
Authorization: Bearer [Token]

But Zapier has a hissy fit over the space between Bearer and Token


Ugh.  What do I do here?

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Hi @Ibanez1998!

I’ve done hundreds of API calls via the Webhooks by Zapier app and honestly haven’t encountered the specific issues you’re mentioning here.

My first thought would be that you’re probably better off using Code by Zapier and writing your API request in Javascript.

Short of doing that, it’s difficult to advise without seeing some screenshots of your setup step(s) and any errors being thrown, as well as the name of the app you’re trying to interact with (and ideally, a link to their API documentation).