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Work Around Needing Multiple Loops

  • 7 February 2024
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I am trying to create a bill inside of Quickbooks when a purchase order is received in my CRM.  The information received from my CRM is comma delimited.


API Part #’s - 4563z,24351,01-02-2245, ETC

For Quickbooks, to find the product, it only accepts single values, not comma delimited.  


The problem I’m having is I need to loop the API part #’s BUT I also need to loop the Quickbooks - Find Product action AFTER the API part# is looped otherwise when the bill is created, it only adds one line item rather than all of them. 


If I enter the API part # as the input, then it doesn’t find any part numbers since its comma delimited but I can’t create another loop after I loop the API part #’s since you’re only allowed one loop.  

Any ideas?


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Hi @RichC 

The Zap action for QBO Find Product(s) works with line items.


Resources for line items:




That worked.  Used Line Itemizer