Wix form to Jobber Request via Zapier.

  • 9 February 2024
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I have a form on wix and an automation setup. I’ve connected this into Zapier via webhooks, and all is well, I can see that I’m getting all fields.

I think search for or create a client in jobber. Client is created fine in jobber (this is only mapping the client fields which should be correct).


Then I create a request, which goes through, but none of the custom fields show up. 

ID for client is pulling in correctly to jobber. 
When testing, the custom fields don’t show in the zap
And because of that, the fields in jobber are blank.


Somewhere I read that Jobber doesn’t support custom fields unless webhook post via the API.  I’m technically savvy, but not a developer (hence why I’m using zapier).  I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where to even start with that.  I would need a URL for the webhook to send to, right? Or am i just doing something wrong in the above (fingers crossed it’s this).



2 replies

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Hi @jen-stocktanklife 

You may have to try reaching out to Jobber Support to ask about the support for custom fields in their Zap app integration.

Jobber API:



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If/when you get the Jobber custom field issue resolved, you may have yet another issue. If I recall correctly, the fields Wix sends with its test data don’t match the data sent with live runs, so you may find that once you turn it on, the whole Zaps appears to be broken. The missing field section of this article will help with that: