Why can't I feed by Webhook payload into Subzap?

  • 27 September 2023
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We use Paddle for customer billing, and I want to create a variety of Zaps that send notifications to the team when users do various things like upgrade, cancel, lapse on payment, etc.

We have a limited number of endpoints we can use in Paddle (only 5), so I can only use one for Zapier. My thought was I create a Zap that triggers by receiving any webhook from Paddle, and then using paths I can branch it out and do stuff based on the action (for example, alert_name = subscription_cancelled goes down one path, subscription_payment_failed goes down another path). Each path is quite involved, with steps to look people up in Hubspot and Notion, so I was going to send these out to Sub-Zaps to keep it clean.

I got this branching stuff working great. The issue is, when I try to feed in the output of the webhook to the subzap Input Argument: Webhook data, it doesn’t let me. It literally doesn’t let me click. When I click into the Insert Data pop-down, it shows “1. Catch Hook in Webhooks by Zapier” but when I try to click into that, it just closes again.

Strangely, I CAN use the Webhook variables in the branching logic. So why am I not able to feed these items into my subzap!? 

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Hi @GeroKeil 

Good question.

Perhaps try this different approach.

Use Webhooks to connect Zaps.

  • 1:1
  • MANY:1
  • 1:MANY

Essentially, treat each path as it’s own Zap.

Zap action: Webhooks - POST