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What happens if my Zap is updated in the middle of a delay?

I have a zap that starts with info coming in via webhook. This zap has the following steps

30 day delay

Then an order is placed in Shopify

Then another 30 days delay

Then a second order is placed in Shopify.

I need to edit the zap to add some new steps in there. But I’m concerned that editing the zap will have an impact on people who are working their way through it.

Will editing a zap of this nature for an hour or so have any impact on users currently going through the zap?





Best answer by christina.d 2 June 2022, 00:10

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Hello @Dan Lyons 

Once you start editing any Zap built inside Zapier it will be turned off and all the automated actions will not processed.

I wouldn’t suggest you edit the existing zap.Instead try duplicating the zap and make the changes until you build the zap completely ready for your usecase.

Later turn the Duplicate Zap ON and turn off the old zap.

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Hi @Dan Lyons 

Good question.

To avoid a situation like this it’d probably be better to log all the data in an Airtable Base.

Airtable has Views. (cuts of data)

Views have Filters. (e.g. Create Date is 30 days ago)

Views can be used to trigger Zaps.

Thus you remove the need for Delay steps in Zaps, because the View Filter would be configured to act as the Delay.

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Hiya @Dan Lyons! Awesome question!

Our team did some digging for you and wanted to ask if you’ve had a chance to check out out Drafts? It’s currently in Beta but you can opt-in here.

It sounds like it may be a good option to build your new flow while keeping the current zap active. We double checked with the squad and the expected behavior at the moment is if your zap is updated in the middle of a delay the next task will run against the new zap once it’s published from Drafts.

Here’s where you can read up on how to “Create drafts of your Zaps” if you’re curious!

Wow - thank you for the response @christina.d @Troy Tessalone and @Satya09 !