Webhooks with API Key Authentication

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Hi, we are attempting to create a zap that sends a jpeg to our api and gets a response. For example, we would like to allow people to upload a photo to Google Drive or a similar product and use this to trigger a photo upload to our api. The api expects a jpeg in multipart/formdata.

We have attempted creating zaps using webhooks by zapier to handle the action step. The problem here is authentication. We have API key authentication set up for our app. We have authentication working for that in general. If we create a zap that triggers with another app and responds with an action from zapier webhooks I don't see a place to input api keys so we just get a 403.

Do you have a working example of something like this? I couldn't find anything like this in your documentation. How would we handle authentication in that scenario using webhooks by zapier? Thanks

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