Webhook to input data from Google sheet into Shopify

  • 26 April 2022
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I have a master Google sheet of all of my products in shopify and I have a zap that will update those products or create new products in shopify based on that spreadsheet.  The only two pieces of data Zapier doesn’t offer to update that I need updated are weight and compare at price.  I know these are available, as I see them in a previous step in my zap (see below).  So, shouldn’t I be able to use a webhook to pull this data into shopify from the spreadsheet?  Any tips on setting up this step in zapier correctly?


1 reply

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Hey there, @StephK! Thanks so much for reaching out. I took a quick peek and it looks like you may be actively working with my friends in support to get this sorted - which is perfect.

Definitely keep us in the loop with any progress you’re able to make! We’d love to know! 🤗