Webhook in email to re-generate with ChatGPT using the information already provided.

  • 5 July 2024
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So the end goal, is for a user to fill out a Jotform with pre-selected questions, once they fill it out, that information gets sent to chat GPT to summarize and make a professional bio, and then it will send them an email with the results. What I want to be able to do, is attach a link or button to the end of that email, that will allow them to re-generate that bio if they did not like the first one it sent. I have tried adding a webhook to go back to the jotform, but the information that was already provided does not e-populate. I was thinking maybe there is a way to re-generate the prompt with chat GPT using the already connected API, but I am very new to this automation, and could use a push in the right direction please.

1 reply

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Hi @Professional Username 

Check this Jotform help article about prefill: