Webhook Get to Freshdesk

  • 25 November 2022
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Hello, I am trying to connect to Freshdesk using Webhook ‘get’ - just a simple list of details about a specific ticket to start with.  There are a couple of questions on here already about Freshdesk, but they have conflicting information, and neither approach that they suggest seems to work for me.  Using an API key for authorisation, I consistently get the message, ‘You have to be logged in to perform this action’.

This screenshot shows how I have it set up, (I think) according to the Freshdesk API documentation.  Has anyone managed to get this connection to work recently?  Where am I going wrong?



3 replies

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I’m not familiar with Freshdesk specifically, and have not yet reviewed the API docs, but if you’re confident all the information is correct, Zapier expects a bar/pipe ( | ) instead of a colon ( : ) between the username and password in the Basic Auth line. Assuming everything else is correct, I imagine that small adjustment should fix it for you.

Hello Todd, thanks for the suggestion.  When I try that (with everything else the same), I get ‘The app returned "Unexpected/invalid field in request".’

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@Andy N Hmmm…are you certain you entered the correct ticket ID? Try https://{your_domain} and (if it runs successfully), confirm that the ticket in question displays the same ID you entered in your original web hook (4332).