Webhook GET - List all clients from CRM, how do I filter records?

  • 24 November 2022
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I am running a Webhook GET request which displays all clients from my CRM (Servicem8), however Zapier only returns the first record.

How do I filter the records based off a a certain UUID that is contained in the record?

p.s - Im not a programmer of Zapier expert, im trying to create an automation for my plumbing business which I have been trying to do for weeks, as it will save us so much time! I finally thought I had sussed it but now come across another stumbling block.


Thank you 

5 replies

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Hi @Mitchell Zezima 

Good question.

Please link to the Servicem8 API endpoint documentation you are using.

Also, please provide screenshots with how your GET request is configured in order for us to have context.

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Hi Troy,

Thanks for replying.

Here is the endpoint documentation:

I have also attached screenshot of how the step is configured and the test results (which only show the first record)


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@Mitchell Zezima

Can you describe in more detail the Zap steps you are trying to use? (e.g. Step 1, Step 2, etc.)

[Screenshots can be helpful.]


How do I filter the records based off a a certain UUID that is contained in the record?

With the SM8 API you can use this endpoint with a specific UUID:


In a Zap, you can use a Filter step:

Hi Troy,

I can retrieve a specific job contact using that API once I know the job contact UUID.

In the previous step I am trying to search for the job contact UUID which is contained in the same record as the job_uuid (the job_uuid is information I can pull from a previous step)

Once I know the correlating job contact UUID I can then run a GET request in another step to get the specific contact data.


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@Mitchell Zezima

It’s still unclear what Zap steps you are trying to use.

Please open the Outline in the right rail and provide a screenshot of all the Zap steps shown.


Perhaps use SM8 API Filtering:


The List All Job Contacts SM8 API endpoint returns the Job UUID, so you should be able to use the Job UUID in a Filter condition.


TIP: Also, best practice to name your Zaps.