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Webhook - Empty fields being filled with strange values

  • 28 April 2022
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I have a Webhook that I using to POST to an API via JSON.  When I plug in my data, if any of the fields happen to be empty (which is valid), there is a value that looks like an ID being populated in those fields.  I don’t why that is happening and how to fix it.  Below is an example of the JSON output and a snippet of the JSON in the Setup Action section where I am building the JSON string.




"firstName": "Richard",

"addressExtn": "aXJVuaPhUBvexU44GFd_UP",

"dateOfBirth": "1962-01-08",




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Hi @RBailey 

Might be best to open a ticket with Zapier Support for further assistance with this one:

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Hi friends! I wanted to pop in and share some of the details from the support ticket that may be helpful.

It turns out there was a step in the zap where data pass through was turned to true - in this scenario it needed to be set to false. I’ll share context below:

If the Data-Pass through field is set to yes, the request data that's used will be overridden with the raw data from the previous step. This means that a possible use case for using this function would dynamically pass the raw data from a previous code step, or webhook through this custom webhook step.
Another possibility could be that in a previous step both the raw data and formatted data is received, but the way the raw data was formatted is difficult to parse out or map. This function allows the raw data to fill in the request, and then you would only have to apply the appropriate headers in the “Headers” fields below.
This Youtube video, while not directly addressing this kind of thing alludes to this same situation where the raw data is of better use than how the data is formatted once received.

I hope this is useful!