Webflow API Request for CMS item does not update when CMS item is updated

  • 9 August 2023
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I’m creating a simply Zap as per the image below that upon form submission on my Webflow site, sends an API request to receive a CMS item, and include its file URL in an outgoing email.

When I update the CMS item in webflow (upload a new PDF file), the data is not being changed in Zapier, and my emails are still going out with the old PDF.


Any help much appreciated!


6 replies

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Hi @EverilOrrLiving 

Can you please clarify your question?

Hi @Troy Tessalone,


Sure. I’m using the above Zap to retrieve a file url from a Webflow CMS item with the Webflow API Request, and then include that file in an outbound email.

When the Webflow CMS item is updated with a new file, the new file is what should be included in the outbound email. Instead, the Webflow API Request is not receiving this updated data. And therefore my outbound email is sending an old file that is no longer associated with the Webflow CMS item.

I am trying to figure out why the change to the CMS item is not being reflected in the Webflow API Request.



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Data is cached for a bit in Zap requests.

Try pulling a different item.

Try turning the Zap ON and testing live.

Thank you @Troy Tessalone 


Perhaps it is a caching issue - I’ve tried both of your above suggestions, as well as deleting the CMS collection entirely and using a new one with a new CMS item. I’m having the same issue, when updating the file in the CMS item, and triggering the zap, the old file is what’s being pulled.

Is the data cached for up to multiple hours/days?


@Troy Tessalone for reference if it helps, in the below images are:

  1. My CMS item that I’m pulling
  2. My Webflow API Request
  3. My Outbound Email

Note that the CMS item in Webflow ends with V3.1.pdf but the data in Zapier coming from the API Request in the Outbound Email ends with V3.pdf - this is the old pdf before changing the file in the Webflow CMS. The published update is not being pulled by Zapier?


Thank you




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Caching on the Zapier side is up to 15 minutes I believe, but don’t quote me.

There could also be  a caching issue on the Webflow CMS API side.