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Using cURL or change format to send API request?

  • 12 December 2020
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I’m struggling to send this /POST request using Zapier Webhooks.  The sample cURL request is below:


curl -X POST \
  -u mk_live_213123123123123123: \
  -H "Accept: application/json" \
  -d name=COMPANYNAME \
  -d external_id=12345678 \
  -d tin\[tin\]=123410000 \
  -d website\[url\]= \
  -d addresses\[0\]\[address_line1\]=577+XXXXXX \
  -d addresses\[0\]\[address_line2\]=Suite+400 \
  -d addresses\[0\]\[city\]=san+francisco \
  -d addresses\[0\]\[state\]=CA \
  -d addresses\[0\]\[postal_code\]=94105 \
  -d people\[0\]\[name\]=Kyle+XXX \
  -d phone_numbers\[0\]\[phone_number\]=650797XXXX


I’ve tried to send as a “form” but am not sure how to handle the arrays for “addresses” and “people”.  So, then I turned to a “Custom Request” with JSON but kept getting the following error:



Not sure why it’s saying ‘name’ is missing because...yeah.  Anyway, if anyone can see what silly mistake I am making it would be much appreciated! 


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5 replies

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Did you set the Custom Request to Method to POST?


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OR try removing the the outer bracket because that’s what this field is doing

{ “data” : }




Alright! Removing the outer bracket got me past the:  “The app returned "Parameter `name` is missing".

but now there is an issue with the ‘address’ parameter:


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This JSON worked for me:



Awesome - thank you! I owe ya a beer.