Trouble Sending Multiple Items to Webhook via Zapier Callback URL

  • 7 June 2024
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I'm trying to send through two things to the webhook with a Zapier callback URL from my SMS sending thing. I send an SMS in my zapier and then I’d like to be able to use the callback URL with multiple variables.


Currently, I have this callback URL which forwards SMS replies to this link: "{{xxxxx__querystring__response}}"

With one item it works brilliantly, but when I try to add a second item: "{{xxxxx__querystring__response}}&other_item={{xxxxx__querystring__user_id}}"

The webhook doesn't come through and I get nothing on the other side. When I try to simulate this in Python it works - but just can't get it working here in this system for some reason

Note: I’ve replaced the link with xxx so people don’t spam me!

1 reply

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Hi @trilliantt 

For us to have true context, post screenshots with how the Zap webhook URL is configured in the source app.