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Trigger Zap by clicking a webhook link and make it user-friendly for use in emails

  • 17 March 2021
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I am trying to set up an email to our clients including an offer. I’d like to have the client to have two options shown as clickable links.

I am planning to use a webhook and using two different links.

In the next step, the input through the webhook links will be used to trigger different paths of a zap.

However, clicking the webhook links will lead to an ugly page. Is there any option to make this more user-friendly? Like automatically closing the window after clicking the link or redirecting after triggering the webhook?

I saw two other discussions in the help forum, both without information on how to create a user-friendly method.

Thanks for your ideas!





Best answer by Troy Tessalone 17 March 2021, 15:59

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Hi @lukasvr 

FYI: Zap webhooks currently don’t support redirect functionality.



  1. Configure 2 simple landing pages that fire each corresponding webhook when the page loads. (e.g. &



Without passing some additional info on the webhook URL query string (e.g. &ID=123) how will your Zap know what to do?


Hi Troy, thanks for your reply!

That’s a good suggestion and an elegant solution, however, it would require setting up those landing pages for each offer individually to make the click uniquely assignable to an offer.

The email with the webhook links will be generated by another Zap, so I will include an ID in the webhook link which makes the click on the link assignable to a unique offer.

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Hi @lukasvr 

If you're willing to get more advanced/technical you can use JavaScript to parse the click URL then update the webhook that triggers on the page, thus reducing it to 1 landing page with dynamic code.