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Trigger multiple zaps by one webhook

  • 3 May 2021
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Is that possible to trigger multiple zaps by one webhook trigger? 

We have an API which stores webhook triggers URLs by an specific event, for instance:

{ "employees:update": [triggerEndpoint1, triggerEndpoint2] }

The problem is that we’ll have to manually add new endpoints each time that the automation team creates a new zap for an certain event 

Is there an way to create one trigger for multiple zaps? I saw that it’s possible to have just onepoint for multiple zaps by separating their ids with commas 

But this approach also seems to be a little manual because each time that an zap is created, we’ll have to update the code


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4 replies

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Hi @Laura Beatris 

Yes, it’s possible by using the comma separated Webhook ID method shown above in the screenshot.

Since it sounds like you’ll have a growing/shrinking list of Webhook IDs to include you may want to consider making whatever (external app or Zap action step) is firing the webhook to be dynamic, and manage the inclusion/exclusion of the webhooks IDs in some simple lookup table such as an Airtable.

The idea being that you don’t have to touch the Zap, you would merely manage the lookup table, and have the Zap (or other solution) query the lookup table and prep the data into a comma separated lists to be dynamically inserted into the Webhook URL to trigger X webhooks.

@Troy Tessalone 

Per your reply to Laura, mine is a little different. I made duplicates of the same zap but the duplicates do not seem to run. the zaps have similar functionality except a few different conditions but they connect to the same app via same webhook. do i need a different webhook for each?

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Hi @anzo 

Good question.

Each Zap has a unique Webhook URL ID.

Please create a separate Zapier Community topics for your question, thanks.

Thanks I did!