Time condition not working

  • 18 October 2023
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We have an alert on a server monitor that checks for live services, every night those services are restarted at 23:40 and the alert triggers.

I have put a condition to continue only if the time is less than 22:00 just to be safe however it seems to ignore this condition every time.

Any ideas as to how I can stop this firing? Screenshot attached

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2 replies

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Hi @PaulC100 

Good question.

The Filter operator for Date/Time expects a full Date & Time as per the help article:


Filtering Between Certain Dates and Times

If your Trigger sends along a date and time field, you can use the "After Date/Time" and "Before Date/Time" filters to specify a date and time range. The tricky part to remember is that the Date/Time filter is going to look for a full date and time - you can't specify one or the other.

In this example, the Zap will only continue to the next step if the Trigger was updated between 2015-08-15 3:00 AM and 2015-08-25 7:00 AM.

date and time range in a filter

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You could try converting the time to minutes then use the Filter operation: (Number) Less Than