The JSON output of a POST request can't be split. It comes clumped.

I have a zap that calls an API and fetches text from an interview. Each interview has different questions and each answer comes separate. See belo how you have questions 1 and question 2, each one with a different text value. 


The issue is that further steps after this don’t allow me to only pick the text from question 1…. or only pick the text from question 2… instead it takes everything and appends it together… See a further image below how there’s only 1 field allowed to pick from step 3…. and it includes all the text from question 1 AND question 2 appended. This is not what I want. I wanted to output text from q1 in one cell, and text from q2 in a different cell. 


The thing is… if the output was in JSON format I could use code blocks I think to parse and fetch the right info…. but even when I do that it is not working because it is as if the output from step 3. wasn’t properly formatted. 


Could someone help me? Thanks a lot. 



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