Send the attachment using SMTP after receiving it via Webhook.

  • 21 September 2023
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i sent a couple PDFs using a webhook but i cant include them as attachments in a SMTP action



The webhhook is generated from google sheets. 

and i can assure the pdf is created ok since i can test it sending it directly to my gmail. i need the smtp from zapier since i need to add extra functionality

Any help is appreciated

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9 replies

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Hi @SnoopLion 

Good question.

Try sending thru the file links on the webhook to use in the Zap.

thanks @Troy Tessalone  

i can indeed pass the file link. but i can only send that in the body of an email not as a file in the attachment as intended. might be closer now.. do you know if there is a way to send the file while having the url (with public access)

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The Attachment field should accept file objects or file url (as long as it’s the public direct download link).

@Troy Tessalone 

All I receive is htm file with the link inside it. Instead of the actual file

what I attach:


what I get:



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Ok, so in this case it does need to be a file object.


Check this article:


mmm seems like the right thing to do but for reason all i get back is a lot of text instead of the PDF. 

i am passing the url of the public file right as it comes . 


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Try mapping the returned value, which is a file object, to the Attachment step.

Thanks @Troy Tessalone 

i am jumping back to this.. but still cant get it done.. 

I am not getting the same output in the Hydration process:

I am using a GET method and sending the public google drive URL


And what I get as output is a long string of text, very different as the example in the article. 


Looks like this method won’t work with the way Google Drive send its URLs. It works with any link with a file extension. Say .jpg or .png as the example in the article. Haven't tried with a .pdf, and I don't see a way that Google Drive can give a link in that structure. 

I see a workaround to what I am looking for by using the email parser. Sending my files to that address, and then I am able to further use the attachment as file to do what I want next.