Send 'body' instead of 'data' - POST Webhook

  • 19 December 2022
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Hi All,

I have created a zap to send new leads from Fb to custom platform and as an action have chosen POST Webhook by Zapier. It looks pretty easy to use it but I still got issue “Status Code 400 Bad Request”:

Here is the zap config:

The url and auth headers are removed for showing example ;) but I am 100% sure that they are correct.

The only data field can cause the issue. In the docs of this custom platform I see that the “body” is required but in zap I found only “data” field. 

Is there any chance to find how Zapier sends my request?
Is it possible to declare body field not data?

Thanks for any tips!


5 replies

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Hi @radek_t 

Good question.

Please link to the API endpoint documentation that you are trying to use.


Hi @Troy Tessalone,

Unfortunately I can not share the link - API docs is locked only for users - but I can paste a pic. Here you are:

I think to change zap from “POST webhooks by Zapier” to “Run Javascript in Code by Zapier” and put fetch() function there. Is a good idea? 


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Try wrapping all the contents in Data with “body” : {  }

@Troy Tessalone
tried before submitting this question - the same error :)

@radek_t  were you able to find an answer?