Searching the Source Code of a provided URL

  • 15 May 2024
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I’m trying to stack a couple of zaps to see if there is a blog or an rss feed associated with a given URL. I would like to be able to have Google Sheets load the source code of a given URL and search for the words “blog” or “rss feed” and then extract the associated blog URL or rss feed URL, but “Parse Webpage” doesn’t seem to be loading the entirety of the HTML source code. 

Is there a workaround? 

For example the URL has “<a href="/blog" class="sf-depth-2">SAMHSA Blog</a>” on line 289 of it’s source code. 

And the URL has “<a alt="rss logo" aria-label="RSS Feed" href="">RSS Feed </a>” on line 2545 of it’s source code, which is the value I’m hoping to automate a search for based on th initial URL. 

Any ideas? Is there a webhook? or a Python code solution?


1 reply

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@TimRob Would you consider trying chatgpt in the Zap?

Or actually if you just want to find RSS feed for a given website, there are many Chrome extensions that do that.