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Reverse Trigger

  • 14 April 2021
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 I want something like Reverse trigger.. i.e. it will send an email only if a specific email is not received within specific time e.g. 15 minutes

The details are as follows

 I will setup my outlook to send an email every 15 minutes to Zappier. My outlook is flooded with VBA code. So if there is any mistake in the code it will hang and will fail to send the email to Zappier in time. So Zappier will be triggered if an email IS NOT RECEIVED FROM MY EMAIL ACCOUNT WITHIN STIPULATED TIME

 I hope you understand my problem.

Is it possible? How?

Thanks and regards



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I believe this could be accomplished with no code in 2 Zaps. 

Zap 1: 
Trigger: New email received

Step 1: Create Row in Google Sheet (log in google sheet or some database what time the email came in)

Step 2: update last row with formulas to determine time since last email came in (time since previous row) More on this here: 

 *This step could be ommitted if using array formulas in Gsheets but in my experience that lags Gsheets so I tend to avoid it. 

Zap 2:

Trigger: New or Updated row in Google Sheets (specific column)

Action: Filter so only when trigger column equals “yes”

Action: Whatever your remaining actions are

It is not very task efficient but the above would solve your workflow, which is definitely bending Zapier to it’s max! 

Happy Zapping! 

Tim @ GetUWired

Thanks..I will try