Retrieve Individual User's Data via Google Analytics Integration

  • 8 December 2022
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I am looking for a way to integrate my Facebook pixel into a third party website (patreon) to track conversions. Patreon doesn’t allow me to install the pixel itself or any other code on their website except for a universal google analytics id, but they do have a Zapier integration so whenever a conversion happens I can track it with Zapier. The problem is that Patreon only gives out a Username and an E-Mail address when a conversion happens, which is not enough data to match the facebook pixel or rather gives out a poor event match quality. That means it is very hard to match users that clicked on my ad and then converted on patreon which can potentially render my ads useless.

So I thought I could help retrieve more user info by adding the google analytics integration to my zap.

So far it looks like that:
Patreon new member → Facebook Conversion

My Idea was to create something like that:
Patreon new member → Google Analytics → Facebook Conversion


The problem, however, is that it seems that Google Analytics doesn’t give out individual user’s data via Zapier, for example an IP address, gender, phone number or other information that the facebook pixel could need. It only seems to be able to “create a measurement”, “run report”,” update a goal” or “search a goal” but there’s nothing I could use to get some information about the user that is currently converting.

Since Patreon doesn’t allow me to install any code snippets on the site itself, I am not sure there is a way I can get this information. Does anyone of you has an idea of what I could try?


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