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Question about Zapier Transfers with Webhooks

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Who within Zapier thought naming the bulk data tool to Transfer would be a good idea?  90% of what you do with Zaps is transfer data from one point to another.  Whenever I look something up about Transfer I get a billion results for Zaps and nothing to do with the Transfer tool.  Second what is the cost of Tasks to use Transfer?  Transfer isn’t even a Tag I can use below.  UGGG



I assume Webhooks is supported since I am able to choose it as an end point.  But I am not able to set it up as I would expect with Webhooks.  Trying to understand where to put all my Webhooks data to then map it from the excel sheet.  If anyone has any examples of Webhooks in Transfer (the tool) that would be a huge help.  Thank you.


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Hi @sboyd 

Configuring a Webhook as a Zap action or Transfer action will depend on the app API documentation you are trying to use.



Best to submit feedback via a ticket to Zapier Support to be logged:

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I have the Zap written and working.  So that part is fine but it is going to use all of my month’s allocations.  The issue is in bulk import I need each line to do a look-up and place the row of information in the correct record.  Maybe I am expecting too much from Transfer. 

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Transfer is a newer product and thus does not have a full feature set yet.


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Hi @sboyd! I wanted to jump in and thank you for taking the time to share your candid feedback.

It sounds like you’re on the right track - each record transferred amounts to one task. I know it’s not an ideal solution but if you’re only needing to bulk import once, it might be worth considering upgrading task usage temporarily.

Troy touched on this but Transfer is a newer product to the Zapier lineup. You taking the time to share your experiences truly does help us to ensure we’re building a better product. If there are specific features from the app you would find useful, please don’t hesitate to drop our support team an email. They can absolutely help with opening up new feature requests for you. This helps us to track interest in those improvements and keep you in the loop if and when they’re implemented.

All that being said, your feelings are heard and I’ve shared your thoughts around the naming with the team! I’ll also drop one other resources below in case it’s helpful. 

Once again, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback! We truly appreciate it.

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Hi @christina.d, thank you for the resources and explaining the task cost.  I also appreciate you sharing my feedback with the Transfer naming team.  


I really love the Zapier community.  They are always so helpful and fast too.  Thank you all,