Query String Params not included or formatted correctly in GET Webhook Action

  • 15 May 2023
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Hello Zapier Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I'm encountering an issue with defining Query String Params in a GET Webhook action in Zapier, and I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

The problem I'm facing is that the Query String Params I define do not seem to be included in the URL or they are included incorrectly. As a result, I'm unable to pass the necessary parameters to the target API endpoint.

I have attached the screenshot of my query and the result of testing from API endpoint. It seems that the URL itself is working correctly as I get the answer, but parameters are not being passed to the URL.

I would greatly appreciate any insights or suggestions you may have to help resolve this issue. Additionally, if there are any specific requirements or limitations related to query string parameters in GET Webhook actions, please do let me know.

Thank you very much for your time and assistance. I'm looking forward to your guidance and insights.

Best regards,

3 replies

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Hi @bprankster!

Would you by any chance have links to API docs for the endpoint you’re trying to get data from? I’m wondering if there’s something in particular that is expected, that we’re not delivering. Based on what I see in your screenshot, it appears to be correct. 

One option is to use a Custom Request in the Webhooks by Zapier app, and choose GET. That way you can format the request more freely:

Not sure that will be the solution here but it might be worth trying in the meantime?


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Hi @bprankster 

Good question.

Can you link to the API endpoint docs you are referencing for us to have full context?

@nicksimard @Troy Tessalone  thank you for your message!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any endpoint docs, but the link is greatly working when I pass full link with parameters in the URL field and leaving the Query String Params empty, so I just did it in that way.