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  • 18 July 2023
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Hi! I run an eCommerce business and I'm trying to streamline my order management process. When I receive an order confirmation email, it's not providing me with all the necessary buyer information, except for a link that says "Send Them An Email". When I click on that link, it opens a new email addressed to the buyer. Now, here's what I'm wondering: Is there a way for me to extract the email address associated with that "Send Them An Email" link? It would be incredibly helpful if I could automatically pull that email address and send it to Google Sheets, Drive, or really any other platform for further processing. I really appreciate any help or advice you can give me in figuring this out. Thanks a bunch!



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4 replies

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Hi @adrianagnagnarelli 

Good question.

Which app is sending the email?

What app is being used to receive the email? (e.g. Gmail)

Thank you! Etsy Transactions sends the order confirmation to my Gmail. 

Here is a screenshot of what the email looks like when it comes in - At the bottom there is a link that says “Send Them An Email” which leads to a new composed email  “mailto: buyers-email” 

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  1. Configure a Formatter > Text > Extract Pattern step
  2. Set up a Gmail Filter rule to forward the email to an email parsing app such as Mailparser
  3. Ask AI
    1. Zap action: ChatGPT - Extract Structured Data
  4. Code
    1. Configure custom code (javascript) to parse the desired data point from the email body HTML