Prevent numerical sorting of submitted IDs in a GET request http url?

  • 28 August 2021
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I am submitting the following request…

https://*************.com/admin/api/2021-04/inventory_levels.json?inventory_item_ids=321,221,111. This brings in the inventory quantities that relate to the 3 inventory item ids. However, the quantities are being sorted as per the numerically sorted inventory item ids, i.e. 111,221,321. Is there a way to prevent numerical sorting of the submitted ids?

The GET request also works when I include the query in the Query String Params section as per the image below and both ways also work when I choose Custom Code and select GET request.

I tried many commands to try to sort the output in other orders as well but nothing gets sorted. In the image is just one one configuration I tried. I tried everything that looks like the following… sort_by and sort on the left side. inventory_item_ids, inventory_item_id, -inventory_item_ids, inventory_item_ids:desc on the right hand side. 




I also tried the following...



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2 replies

I forgot to put in my actual inventory id numbers instead of 321,221,111. Any way to prevent a numerical sort?

Should I try somewhere else?