Passing 'registrant attended meeting' in Zoom so I can tag the lead in Kartra

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I am trying to create a webhook by Zapier link to Zoom (and build a Zoom market place app) so I can pass over information about whether someone attended a meeting or not.


believe it or not, this was easy in Pabbly Connect but not so easy in Zoom (well I can’t get it to work!)


Has anyone done this and can they outline the steps I need to take to make it work.  I keep getting stuck when I copy the Zapier webhook URL and try and validate it in Zoom (it always fails).


Any thoughts?

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Hi there @Rob Da Costa,

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It seems like you've already been in touch with our Support team about this. Here's the latest response they provided:

We have 2 options here which is to set up a Webhook Trigger. Please take a peek at the link here -
The second option is to set up an app on our developer Platform - This requires software developer skills.
Does this help at all?

I recommend continuing the conversation with our Support team.

Thank you for understanding.

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Yes I did get a reply but it didnt really help (so have reached out again with this info):


Unfortunately, that didn’t help. Let me explain…..

I am trying to set up a Zap that passes information if someone attends a meeting in Zoom. I know I have to build an app in the Zoom Market Place and use Webhooks in Zapier but when I did this in Pabbly (I have just switched from there to Zapier) I needed to share a secret token from the Zoom app with the webhook before I copy the webhook URL from Zapier and then validate (which worked fine in Pabbly). But I don't know where to put the secret token in Zapier webhook?  When I try and validate the Zapier URL in Zoom, it always fails (see screenshot: Zoom app screen).  I have also included the screenshot from Pabbly showing where you pasted the token – I assume this is why the Zoom validation is failing because I haven’t pasted this into Zapier?

Can you explain how to do this  (it was easy with Pabbly Connect!)?