Pass Gravity Forms URL query string data and generate email link using Webhooks

  • 25 December 2021
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Hello - 


I”m trying to achieve the ability to pass Gravity Form formatted query strings into an Email that is sent to the user to then be clicked on.


I’m thinking this may be possible via Webhooks.  Can anyone provide any insight to how I may achieve this.  


Objective: When the user submits the webform via Facebook browser Interface my intention is to send them a query string link to their email that way they are forced to view the landing page on their standard web browser after clicking, instead of FB browsers.  Reason for this is because I’m using affiliate tracking solutions that I need to drop a cookie on to their standard web browser.  I would be including the affiliate id in one of the gravity form fields along with the Name and Email.  This will allow me to track and eliminate the user having to enter their information twice. 



  1. User submits form with Name, Email, and Affiliate ID in fields
  2. Query sting data is sent to zapier 
  3. Query sting data upends a destination URL in a email Action Step. 
  4. User receives email, clicks link and passes query sting data to browser interface outside of FB


Has anyone passed query sting data in this manner before or can anyone provide any guidance on how to set this up. FYI I’m not familiar with the technicals of webhooks such as POST, GET, Payloads, etc. 


Any guidance would be appreciated.  Thanks.


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2 replies

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Hi @JBooze 

You can dynamically create links to be used in an email.

Generally this involves formatting emails with HTML.

Here’s a help link about using the a href tag:

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Hey @JBooze checking in here to see if Troy’s suggestion was helpful or if you are still working through this one. Let us know - we want to make sure you’re good to go here!