Need to translate text into numbers

  • 30 December 2022
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I am using Google sheets connected to webhooks to post data to my crm. The CRM requires the state field as a number. So Alabama or AL = 1.

Can I use formatter to accomplish this? I need it for 15 plus states. It needs to read the sheet and if it sees the state name or abbreviation in the state field it will post the the proper numeric number to the CRM

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2 replies

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Hi @Starrfocks, welcome to the Community!

Yes, you can use Formatter to create a lookup table that matches the state name to the respective number. I shared a screenshot of how you would set this up (though in this case using state abbreviations instead of numbers) in this post:

Let us know if you have any questions, thanks!

Thank you! I think I can figure that out but I just realized I need both the full state name AND abbreviations to return a number. So AL or Alabama would need to return a “1.” CA or California would need to return a “5”