My Zap isn't sending email addresses from a Webhook URL to Flodesk

  • 16 October 2023
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Hi! I'm using Zapier to sync a webhook URL from form builder to Flodesk When I test it in Zapier, it works fine. When I try from the newsletter subscribe form on my breakdance site, it only sends “Fields with no value: querystring” through Zapier and nothing ever makes it to Flodesk. 

I have a segment created for the email to go to. I’m just trying to save a new subscriber’s email address to Flodesk when the sign up (that’s the only field I’m asking for). What am I doing wrong?

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14 replies

Here’s a screenshot of what I’m seeing in Zap History when I try to add an email address through the form on my site. Just let me know if you need more info or screenshots!

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Would you please provide details about the form you’re using? Where is it hosted? Can you share a screenshot of the settings for the form where you pasted the URL as well as the sample output from your successful test (being sure to react any personally identifiable information)? Are you perhaps doing a GET web hook trigger when you intended to do a POST trigger?

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I can see the data in the Action Step under Data in


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Another question: is that your email address in the Flodesk step? Looks like you may be passing in a static value instead of pulling dynamically from the web hook, considering that email address is not shown in the web hook output data.

Hi Todd - that wasn’t me that replied to your initial message. Here’s the information you asked for:


  1. I’m using Wordpress with the Breakdance Page Builder for the form. Please see attachment.
  2. The web hook output (also attached) - I think the problem is exactly what you said: I’m passing through a static value (my email address) instead of pulling dynamically from the webhook. I’m not sure what to put in place of my email address in the Action section, which you can see in the attachment. It seemed like something else should be added there to dynamically pull a subscriber’s email address, but I wasn’t prompted with anything to add in that field. What should I add instead?

Just let me know if you need any additional info. Thank you!

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@Byagi Yes, I realized after the fact that it wasn’t you and revised my comment!

Thanks for that screenshot! Tells me exactly what I needed to know! Recorded this quick video for you to walk you through what you should do next: 


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Any luck @Byagi??

Hi @Todd Harper - thanks for the info! One question - Should I use the Run Javascript in Code by Zapier app instead of the Webhooks by Zapier app? Or should it be three steps? I’ve attached screenshots of the way I set it up (with an additional step for the code app you used in the video)

I’m also including a screenshot of the Breakdance webhook section so you can see the detail I added. When I tested everything in Zapier after making the changes, it worked. When I tried it through the form on the website, it didn’t work. 

If there’s anything else you need to see that I didn’t include, just let me know. Thanks!

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Oh sorry, I was just using the code step to mimic your webhook. You don’t need a code step. You will dynamically pull the email address from the webhook :)

Now that you’ve mapped the email field in your form, be sure to run a new test on the webhook and it should give you the object to pull into the Flodesk action.

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Oh @Byagi! I also wanted to advise that once we’re done solving this for you, please change your web hook URL!

While the chances are small, it’s possible that someone malicious could scrape the URL and send endless requests to it, using up all of your available Zapier tasks and creating fake subscribers in your Flodesk account.

Hi @Todd Harper Thanks for the clarification! I removed the code step and added the code as a trigger in the webhook. I tested it in Zapier and on my website and it’s working perfectly! 

Last question: Do I need to duplicate the Zap to change the webhook URL? I’m not seeing a way to change the URL when editing the Zap.


Thanks again - I really appreciate all your help!

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Hi @Byagi!

Can you clarify what you mean when you say you added the code as a trigger in the webhook? You shouldn’t need to use any of the code that I wrote at all. If you wrote your own email address in the trigger step, there’s a chance you’re still just pulling that into Flodesk instead of pulling the real information from leads on your website.

Can you take a screenshot of both the action setup and the output of your web hook trigger in Zapier just so I can double check it’s behaving the way you are wanting it to?

Yes, to change the web hook URL, you will simply duplicate the Zap, turn off the old version, and publish the new version. Then be sure to copy/paste the new URL into your form builder settings in breakdance.

Hi Todd, 


Sure thing! I’ve attached two screenshots showing how I set things up. I tested sending through multiple email addresses from the form on the site and it’s working and showing up in Flodesk. I can show you the edit view if that gives you more info. 

Sounds good about duplicating. I’ll do that once you’ve confirmed that everything is good to go. 

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Ah, I see. You shouldn’t need anything in “Pick Off a Child Key”. Remove “output=...” from that field, just leave it blank, click “Test Trigger” again, and be sure the email field in the Flodesk step is still filled in with the value from the web hook. If it is, you are all set and can duplicate and turn on your Zap!

Happy Zapping :)