Move multiple files from one Dropbox folder to another.

  • 5 April 2024
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Apparently this has been “an open feature request” for 3+ years. I have a need to move all files from one folder to another. I’ve got a trigger worked out, just can’t get the function of moving more than one file at a time.   

Does anyone know how to configure the DropBox API to work with the Zapier Webhook? 
The dropbox API info is here:

Looks like dropbox provides all the info. I’m just not sure how to plug it all in. I keep getting authentication errors, header errors, etc. 

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1 reply

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Please share how you got the list of files and/or the format they are provided to you in (a screenshot of the test output data from the previous step would do - just be sure to redact any sensitive data). This will help us to recommend how to best move forward.

A couple of initial thoughts:

  1. The “Move File” action can be applied to entire folders, not just individual files, so if you don’t mind moving the whole folder to the new location, this is the easiest solution. Obviously doesn’t achieve the exact result you’re asking for, so I suspect this won’t do for you.
  2. You could iterate over the list of files using Looping by Zapier. This is task heavy (especially if you’re moving lots of files), but is a simple solution that doesn’t require utilizing code or web hooks actions (depending on how the list is being provided).